For something a bit different and unique, Super 8 film can be perfect. Shot on an old school canon film video camera every video reel is unique, with a lot of added character from the analogue film format. 

These cameras were created long before any inbuilt image stabilisation technology, so the footage is always slightly more shaky than most of the footage you see today. Please review my Super 8 work to see if you like the style. 

Super 8 films are:

  • Filled with character and completely unique

  • Excellent for anyone looking to stand out

  • Great for products, people or events.

Can be used for:

  • Website

  • Social media campaigns

  • Newsletters

  • New client correspondence

  • Video channels



Consulting on tone and script

Discussing key visual features

Shot list on the day/days

Shooting of footage




The video file will be provided to you in its entirety as it has been developed from the film reel - about 3 and a half minutes of footage. 

From there you can pick selected scenes/frames to be compiled into two smaller videos. I do minimal editing on these films to keep the integrity of the footage. Can be shot in colour or black and white. Audio can sound track can be added later for an additional cost.